Val Screw 35

Val Screw 35 is an innovative pressure plate machine for extruding high-viscosity materials (up to over 500K cps). Suitable for epoxy, polyurethane and both filled and thixotropic glues and resins up to the flow rate of 30 kg/h.
Processing at room temperature with possibility of adjusting mixing ratio from 10:100 to 100:10 from touch screen control panel.
It has a preset of 4 parameters for material dosage to be dispensed per minute that can be set with the machine also working.
Dynamic pneumatically opening mixing head with safety in case of failure to open. The head also allows working with thixotropic materials without making them fluid and without breaking any microspheres or brittle fillers.

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More details

  • Pressing plates with air purge valves for easy restarting with new drums.
  • Audible alarm for drum exhaustion.
  • Alarm for exceeding preset working pressures.
  • Possibility of setting rpm according to the flow rate delivered and the material processed.
  • Possibility of manual or automatic washing (optional).
  • Possibility to install analog flow meters for maintaining ratio and quantity to be dispensed automatically with usb report for each work session (optional).
  • Touch screen control panel for intuitive setting of all processing parameters.