Heavy type bumpers

Heavy type bumpers for industrial vehicles, forklifts, loading and unloading areas, warehouses.
The special features of these heavy-duty type bumpers are that they are made with dual-color product mixture.
This feature distinguishes them for their durability.
Mounting holes allow their use on any surface.
They are available in different colors and it is possible to make a custom request for bumper colors.
In different sizes they can be used for a variety of application areas.

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Standard Dimensions

Valpolymer_paracolpo-pesante-BR001BR001153x63 x h 55 mm
Valpolymer_paracolpo-pesante-BR003BR003300x60 x h 60 mm
Valpolymer_paracolpo-pesante-BR007BR007170x90 x h 100 mm
Valpolymer_paracolpo-pesante-BR008BR008170x90 x h 70 mm
Valpolymer_paracolpo-pesante-BR009BR009345x100 x h 115 mm
Valpolymer_paracolpo-pesante-BR010BR010255x90 x h 120 mm
Valpolymer_paracolpo-pesante-BR011BR011400x85 x h 70 mm
Valpolymer_paracolpo-pesante-BR012BR012140x50 x h 70 mm
Valpolymer_paracolpo-pesante-BR013BR013base ø 100 super. ø 90 h 80 mm
Valpolymer_paracolpo-pesante-BR004BR004460x45 x h 34 mm
Valpolymer_paracolpo-pesante-BR005BR005665x45 x h 34 mm

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