Val Mixer 01

Val Mixer 01 is a dosing machine with material recycling for manual multi casting.
Clocked pressure switches to control casting pressures static mixer with possibility of putting air diffuser at the end for spraying (optional).

  • Variable ratio via vector inverters from 10:100 to 100:10
  • Variable output from 150gr/min to 1200gr/min depending on material viscosities
  • Possibility of having heating (optional)
  • Flow rate/colour control and ratios by touch screen plc (optional)
  • Mixing head with dynamic mixer (optional)
  • Possibility to have remote start stop casting for application on robot (optional)
  • Automatic or manual washing with 5-liter pressure tank (optional)
  • Possible air control for automatisms (optional)
  • Head support for casting on belt or carousel


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