Shapes for identifying marcature and protections to apply to carrying beams, passages, walls, machinery and vehicles.

The shapes are used to:

  • in order to signal and to render the points more obvious than danger
  • in order to prevent the lesions provoked from hits
  • in order protect angles and chines
  • Flexible and anti aging
  • Realized in foam of very flexible polyurethane, with guarantee of long duration and resistance to the usury
  • Resistant to temperatures from -40°C to +100°C, proper both for inside that for external
  • Complete of fit sticker for walls, surfaces of metal or wood.
  • Double use: it protects and it signals edges, machineries, shelves, walls, pipelines, etc..
  • Furnished in standard 1,20 meter pcs
  • Available also in white colour for hospitals, offices, laboratories, white rooms, etc..
  • They can be it adapts and it cuts to you in native place with one blade to you adequately sharpenned
Valpolymer-prodotti-sagome-protezione-PR1PR 1
Valpolymer-prodotti-sagome-protezione-PR2PR 2
Valpolymer-prodotti-sagome-protezione-PR3PR 3
Valpolymer-prodotti-sagome-protezione-PR4PR 4
Valpolymer-prodotti-sagome-protezione-PR5PR 5
Valpolymer-prodotti-sagome-protezione-PR6PR 6
Valpolymer-prodotti-sagome-protezione-PR7PR 7
Valpolymer-prodotti-sagome-protezione-PR8PR 8
Valpolymer-prodotti-sagome-protezione-PR9PR 9
Valpolymer-prodotti-sagome-protezione-PR10PR 10
Valpolymer-prodotti-sagome-protezione-PR11PR 11
Valpolymer-prodotti-sagome-protezione-PR12PR 12
Valpolymer-prodotti-sagome-protezione-PR13PR 13

We also make adhesive bumpers in various sections, this product is indicated for protections of light type.. in atmospheres where they do not circulate average heavy, however this type of bumpers protegge much good also from hits accidental persons, in how much its elasticity guarantees one high emergency.