Robot RS 12

Robot RS 12 is an innovative robot for spraying waterproofing liquids over large areas. This robot is made to be adapted so that it can use all standard hot spray units, low-pressure equipment, and airless spray machinery. It is also very easy and simple to use.
The advantages that using RS 12 offers, includes accurate application to materials, uniform surface coverage, and less contamination of spray mists in the electrostatic system.
Approximately 1,800 m2/day can be covered with RS 12, which is highly maneuverable due to its lightweight aluminum structure, allowing for the movement of relevant parts.
The machine can be adjusted continuously longitudinally between 0 and 8 km/h, just as the speed of the gun on the arm can be adjusted.
The ground clearance can be adjusted from 0.6 to 1.2 m thus varying the angle of the gun. The application area does not even have to be perfectly flat as the robot can cope with a 10% inclined plane. It is also transportable anywhere and easily because the machinery weighs only 213 kg and is packed in a crate that has a size of 200x100x80 cm.

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