Robot RS 12


The robot system has been designed to be adaptable so it can use all standard hotspray units, low pressure equipment and airless machines. It is also very simple and easy to operate.
The advantages that using the RS 12 offers, includes accurate material application, a uniform spray pattern, reduced spray fog through gun design, and less spray fog contamination through electrostatic system.
Up to 1800 m2/day can be covered with the RS 12 which is highly manoeuvrable because of its lightweight aluminium design, which few moving parts to keep any spares required to a minimum.

The robot can be continuously adjusted for longitudinal pace between 0 and 8 km/h, as well as having continuous gun speed adjustment on the boom. The distance from ground can also be adjusted from 0,6 -1,2 m and the gun angle varied. The area of application does not even have to be perfectly flat either with the robot able to cope with a 10% sloping substrate. Probability is also not an issue as the robot only weights 213kg and has a transport size of 200x100x80cm.