Resin Skirting


Ideal for siding, with no sharp edges, between wall and floor.


  • monoblock polyurethane
  • with special pieces of fillet
  • Easy to assemble, without demolition and collection
  • protects the corners from accumulation of dirt and bumps.
  • easy to clean
  • various colors available

Each resin skirtinghas its angle and its corner of the same height to ensure the protection of the entire perimeter necessary.

Val 10Resin Skirting h 100 mmavailability any color
Val 10 SEdge Val 10availability any color
Val 10 AInner corner Val 10availability any color
Val 20Resin Skirting h 200 mmavailability any color
Val 20 SEdge VAl 20availability any color
Val 10 AInner corner Val 20availability any color
Val 40Resin Skirting h 400 mmavailability any color
Val 40 SEdge VAl 40availability any color
Val 40 AInner corner Val 40availability any color