Polyurea is a material that allows you to quickly coat the flooring in shopping malls, road surfaces (with low temperatures in order to prevent ruining the asphalt), garages, parking lots, tanks and pools, with a strong resistance to foot traffic, abrasion, and which makes the substrates completely waterproof, flexible and free of joints and seams.

The different types of polyurea, compounded specially, allow for an excellent adhesion to various substrates such as cement, iron, aluminium, marbles, etc. and usually the presence of moisture on the substrate doesn’t particularly influence the adhesion.

  • completely waterproof
  • acid-resistant
  • resistant to hydrocarbons
  • abrasion resistant
  • vehicle accessible
  • high mechanical strength
  • high elasticity
  • for some applications it can be “charged” with special additives to make it fireproof
  • colored (for tanks, pools and flooring)
  • thin layers of application
  • various hardness and job characteristics
  • waterproofing of containment basins
  • paving of parking lots
  • floors of shopping malls
  • pool coating
  • coatings of machinery tanks for chemical treatments
  • industrial flooring
  • relining of pipes and ducts

We’ve made machines “ad hoc” that allow for a perfect spray on all surfaces listed above.