Permanent Protection


Permanent protection for hazardous substances areas
  • simple and ecomonic method to prevent spills of hazardous liquid
  • prevent escape or intrusion of liquid substances in limited areas
  • suitable in warhouses, parking, areas around machines
  • any vehicles can go over it without damage
  • can be placed inside or outside to prevent intrusion of rain water
  • high resistence to mechanical wear, chemicals and hazardous substances
  • only sylicon or anchor screws to fix it onto floor, no building modifications are needed

The item provided in two versions:

  • standard (only sylicon or anchor screws to fix it on to floor)
  • plus /reinforced TNT sticky rubber)
Image Product Dimensions
Valpolymer_ecobarriere-GIUNZIONE JUNCTION MM 60
MM 120
MM 100
Valpolymer_ecobarriere-ANGOLO CORNER MM 60
MM 100
MM 370
Valpolymer_ecobarriere-BARRA BAR MM 60
MM 100
MM 1500