Bumpers heavy type


To apply to carrying beams, passages, walls, machinery and vehicles.

The particular characteristics of these bumpers of heavy type are their realization with paste of the product to double colour in double stir!
This characteristic mark out them for their duration in the time.

To disposition in various colorations.
Is possible to make one demanded personalized for the colours of the Bumpers.
The implantation holes allow their use on whichever surface.
In various dimensions they can be used for varies to you ambles you of employment.

Image Article Length Width Height
Valpolymer_paracolpo-pesante-BR001 BR001 153x63 x h 55 mm
Valpolymer_paracolpo-pesante-BR003 BR003 300x60 x h 60 mm
Valpolymer_paracolpo-pesante-BR007 BR007 170x90 x h 100 mm
Valpolymer_paracolpo-pesante-BR008 BR008 170x90 x h 70 mm
Valpolymer_paracolpo-pesante-BR009 BR009 345x100 x h 115 mm
Valpolymer_paracolpo-pesante-BR010 BR010 255x90 x h 120 mm
Valpolymer_paracolpo-pesante-BR011 BR011 400x85 x h 70 mm
Valpolymer_paracolpo-pesante-BR012 BR012 140x50 x h 70 mm
Valpolymer_paracolpo-pesante-BR013 BR013 base ø 100 super. ø 90 h 80 mm
Valpolymer_paracolpo-pesante-BR004 BR004 460x45 x h 34 mm
Valpolymer_paracolpo-pesante-BR005 BR005 665x45 x h 34 mm
Image Article
Valpolymer_paracolpo-pesante-tampone-arresto-BR014 BR014
Valpolymer_paracolpo-pesante-tampone-arresto-BR015 BR015
Valpolymer_paracolpo-pesante-tampone-arresto-BR016 BR016