Bar Guardrail and Bumper Protection systems


The “ BAR GUARDRAIL” is a very efficient protection barrier, resisting against high impact load values thanks to the elements that constitute it and the system securing it to the floor that distinguishes it.
It is ideal for protecting walls, sliding door stops, machinery in general and safety passageways from moving trolleys.
Lower height guardrail bar from floor level mm 550, while the upper to a maximum of 125 mm.

  • Wear resistance – HIGH
  • Torsion resistance – HIGH
  • Dimensional stability to variation of temperatures – HIGH
  • Acid resistance (except for oxidizers) – HIGH
  • Degree of water absorption – NONE
  • Degree of flammability – NONE
ArticleDiameterLenghtNumber of floor anchors
Val 7/5070 mm500 mm2
Val 7/10070 mm1000 mm2
Val 7/15070 mm1500 mm3
Val 7/20070 mm2000 mm3
Val 12/50120 mm500 mm2
Val 12/100120 mm1000 mm2
Val 12/150120 mm1500 mm3
Val 12/200120 mm2000 mm3

Shockproof poles for protection from moving vehicles and for the protection of various types of doors, corners and edges from impacts of moving vehicles (trolleys, forklifts, etc.).
Anchored to the floor with steel bars, they guarantee very high impact resistance. Shape and material are designed to ensure easy and quick cleaning as well as ensuring safety and compatibility with any environment, including food.

  • made of polyurethane with a guarantee of long life and wear resistance
  • resistant to temperatures from -30 ° C to + 100 ° C, suitable for both indoors and outdoors
  • resistance to acids (except oxidants): high
  • degree of moisture absorption: none
  • degree of flammability: none
ArticlePost DiameterTotal post's height from floor level
Val 100/120118 mm1000 mm
Val 44/120118 mm436 mm
Val 56/120118 mm560 mm
Val 50/7070 mm500 mm
Val 23/7070 mm230 mm